Standard Administrative Bidding Documents
1. Statement Letter of Originally Bid Document
2. Initial of Authorized Officer in Bid Document
3. Price Validity is 4 Months
4. MOU of Partnership, if Any
5. A Statement over Rp. 6,000 Stamp of:
  - not under court supervision
  - not Financially Bankrupt/ discharge
  - the authorized director is not serving a crime punishment
6. A statement letter over a Rp. 6,000 stamp of authenticity of TKDN
7. A statement letter of supply
8. Material Specification is meet with requirement in bid Doc.
9. Original Agency/ supporting letter from manufacturer
10. Brochures, if any
11. Maximum Delivery Time
12. Delivery Point
13. Total Price stated on letter of reply is agree with material spec
  TKDN 12A Form
14. TKDN Calculation
15. Quotation and Bid Bond in US Dollar
16. Submission of Exceptions/ conditionals.
17. Bid Bond
  - Minimum Validity is 5 months
  - Issued by commercial Bank or Recommended Insurance
  - The Amount is between 1% and 3%
18. US Dollar Currency
19. Insurance List
Note : Tender Participants should prepare the above documents after Pass Pre-qualification (PQ) process.