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PT. Insani Mitrasani Gelam bertindak sebagai TAC Pertamina akan mengadakan PELELANGAN untuk BARANG/JASA sebagai berikut :
No. Lelang : 1353/966/PO/IMG/IC-DCF/DA/IX/10
Nama Lelang : The Provision of Wellhead for Drilling Program 2010
Unit Bisnis : PT. Insani Mitrasani Gelam
Golongan : Usaha Besar (UB)
Lingkup Pekerjaan : To purchase wellhead for drilling program 2010
I). Tempat Pendaftaran : SCM - EMP, Bakrie Tower Lt. 26 Komplek Rasuna Epicentrum
  Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Jakarta
II). Waktu Pendaftaran : Tanggal 16 - 20 September 2010
    Jam 08.00 s/d 14.00 WIB
    (Pendaftaran sesudah tanggal dan jam tersebut di atas tidak diterima)
III). Pengembalian Formulir Pra-kualifikasi : Paling lambat tanggal 21 September 2010 jam 15.00 WIB WIB  
IV). Persyaratan Administrasi
A. Administrative Requirements:

In obtaining registration form, applicant shall submit letter of intend to participate the tender and show a purchase order/contract which is related to the subject of tender.

Registration form shall be fill in completely and return to bis committee and attached with the following documents:

1. Company`s Article Association/Notarial Deed and its latest amendmentwhich comply with Undang Undang No. 40/2007 (about Perseroan terbatas) and shall be approved by the Minister of Justice of Republic of Indonesia (SK Kehakiman) for PT or Anggaran koperasi which approved by Ditjen Bina Lembaga Koperasi for Koperasi
2. Surat Izin Usaha Perdagangan (SIUP)
3. Surat Keterangan Domisili Perusahaan (SKD)
4. Taxation : NPWP and PKP
5. Tax Deposit Slip (Surat Setoran Pajak/SSP) of PPH 23/21/25 and value added tax (PPN) for the latest year
6. The latest audited financial statement (preferring for the period of 2009 or above)
7. List of board of Directors(BOD) and Board of Commissioneer (BOC)
8. List of sharefolders (for PT) or list ownership (for CV)
9. If the participant has a valid SKT Admin EMP or SPDA, the required documents above shall not be submitted except no. 5 & 6.

B. Special Requirement:
* The participant shall have experience within the last 7 9seven) years in providing goods which is similar with the above subject tender either in oil and gas industry or the other industries.
* The participant shall have a net equity above IDR 10 billion (exclude land and building which is ued for participant`s bussiness location) which shown in the participants balance sheet, or has annual revenue above IDR 50 billion which shown in the participants income statement report.
* Bank reference from commercial bank (not Bank Perkreditan Rakyat)

Web site SCM EMP :

Apabila dokumen tersebut diatas tidak dilengkapi, maka peserta lelang yang bersangkutan tidak dapat berpartisipasi dalam tender ini.
  21 September 2010
Procurement Committee

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